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23.4.2014 ·

Name T.B.A.

Well this was an awesome movie I liked it.

8/10ajdevine@ - first review
15.3.2014 - age: 13-17

22.4.2014 ·

Carol MacKinnon

Not really a 'chick flick'. Has some sound advice for living with love, forgiveness, and believing. Well casted... really a Greg Kinnear movie with 'cutie' Connor as the messenger who visited heaven. As I have always said "YOU GOTTA BELIEVE"!!! Go SEE IT as it is a good change of pace from the computer generated stuff.

7/10carolmackinnon@ - 32 reviews
18.4.2014 - age: 50+

19.4.2014 ·

Dan Solomon

Don't expect too much from this one. Standard Hollywood cheap/clown comedy in the style of Hangover. Shallow story and cheap jokes, sometimes of bad taste.

6/10dansolomn@ - 27 reviews
12.11.2013 - age: 50+

18.4.2014 ·

Name T.B.A.

This movie was so cool and there are lots of merchandise of Divergent because it's such a good movie.

10/10angelfernandez5938@ - first review
17.4.2014 - age: 18-25

16.4.2014 ·

Eric Werbiski

The Raid Redemption was truly a game changer when it released. It brought a whole new level of jaw dropping action and brutality rarely ever seen before in a martial arts action movie making it an instant classic amongst action junkies. The only real gripe surrounding the first movie was its general lack of depth to its story. Well the Raid 2 fixes that issue with a much more elaborate plot. The story for the most part is interesting but it is not perfect. The real treat here, and lets be real, the main reason why you should pay to see this movie is its insane, holy *#@^ moments. There are so many great action sequences packed into this movie that it makes you forget that it is 2h30min. The first few fight scenes were a bit "shaky cam" but that stopped as the scenes got wilder later in the movie. The car chase was top notch and the final 30 mins of the flic... well you will have to experience that for yourself. All in all this was one of the best action movies I’ve seen and it did not disappoint. Better than the first. 9.5/10.

9/10ewerb@ - 34 reviews
13.4.2014 - age: 26-35

12.4.2014 ·

Rana Baki

Excellent movie for the whole family! Some jokes are even more meant to be understood by adults than kids. The musical part is a pure delight especially with Bruno Mars' voice! As good as the first one if not even better! A great message for saving the forests and jungles from illegal activities is passed through. A must see!

9/10r.b.@ - 23 reviews
12.4.2014 - age: 36-49

11.4.2014 ·

Laurie Murdock

Very well done film. Aside from the liberties taken to nuance a few Scripture references... It was powerful. For me, it was a poignant Lenten experience.

10/10lbellebabie@ - 3 reviews
7.4.2014 - age: 36-49

8.4.2014 ·

Les Francey

Boring. It is advertised as a comedy. I didn't laugh once. Nor did I hear a single chuckle from others in the audience. Movie ended and people just quietly got up and left. I am assuming they were as bored as I was. I give it a five and not a one because although there was nothing funny in this movie there were some mildly odd events which made the movie somewhat interesting. It just wasn't funny.

5/10les.francey@ - 34 reviews
6.4.2014 - age: 50+

5.4.2014 ·

Richard Duval

J'avais lu qu'il y avait de scènes osées! Honnêtement, les personnes chastes s'abstenir! C'est le film le plus osé que j'ai vu dans un cinéma normal... J'étais indécis entre un 6 ou 7 mais la performance de Léonardo De Caprio est impressionnante. Le film dure 3 hrs et à la fin je croyais que 2 heures s'étaient écoulées. Sans aucun doute ce film dérange par le sexe explicite, la drogue et le dialogue... Je me suis posé une question: pourquoi on voit des filles à la tonne complètement nues et jamais les hommes dans ce film? Pas que je veux absolument voir cela mais ce serait plus équitable envers les femmes qui regardent ce film. Pas facile de commenter un tel film, je comprend maintenant après l'avoir vu l'écart important dans les critiques!!! En résumé c'est un film dérangeant qui devrait-être pour adultes seulement et non 16 ans.

7/10pilote.47@ - first review
19.1.2014 - age: 50+

4.4.2014 ·

Beverley Koenig

Excellent movie. The best Christian movie I have ever seen. Done very differently. A movie everyone should see.

10/10beverleykoenig@ - first review
31.3.2014 - age: 50+

29.3.2014 ·

Gail Rose

I enjoyed this movie. It had a little bit of everything. Kevin Costner was great. The movie was entertaining with some action, humour, serious stuff and and all round good movie. Worth seeing.

7/10gailrose1128@ - first review
7.3.2014 - age: 50+

28.3.2014 ·

Joe Heiselmann

This movie was sooo goood, everyone should go see it. I even own stuff from the movie the watch and ring Ewan Mcgregor wears in the film.

10/10jtungsten16@ - first review
22.3.2014 - age: 36-49

26.3.2014 ·

Seana Adams

Really amazing movie. For all the F&F fans you'll love it... but you'll find it hard to compare the two. The morals behind this movie is different. And I think most of the scenes in Need for Speed are more realistic, but nonetheless, they're cool! Go see it... for all the car lovers you'll love it.

10/10sweetgirlsweetlife@ - first review
22.3.2014 - age: 13-17

25.3.2014 ·

Joan Gurinskas

Before seeing this movie, pay close attention to the demographic stats at the beginning of this review. It's a sad comment on society nowadays. The full frontal porn and graphic sex start 10 minutes in and don't stop for the entire 3 hours, not to mention main characters did enough drugs to kill an elephant. Artistic licence, integral to the plot? Don't think so. 18A? Try XXX (well, maybe XX) As for acting, Jonah Hill and Leo were great, but this movie is just so over the top porn, it's all that I really came away with.

3/10werpets@ - 41 reviews
15.1.2014 - age: 36-49

21.3.2014 ·

Darwin Cedeno

The movie is fantastic, is really funny, is good to see the movie with family.

10/10alexander15192004@ - 3 reviews
16.3.2014 - age: 36-49

18.3.2014 ·

Iolanda M.

Went to see it because I really liked part one. But after seeing this part two, I was disappointed, not as interesting, fight scenes not great and not great movie. It's too bad.

6/10iolanda@ - first review
4.3.2014 - age: 36-49

15.3.2014 ·

Jean-Pierre Laliberte

Une très belle distribution pour une belle histoire. Benoit Magimel est excellent dans ce rôle d'homme d'affaires politisé attachant et passionné pour le seul amour de sa vie… Mélanie Thierry est aussi excellente dans ce rôle de femme fragile, mais lucide…La présentation générale est soignée et les retours aux présents sont agréables et apporte une certaine lumière aux récits…Dans l'ensemble, ce film, qui est sans aucun artifice ou excès, se veut un très beau moment de cinéma. Sylvie Testud et Julie Ferrier apportent à ce film une agréable et touchante conclusion…. J'ai bien aimé aussi revoir Clotilde Hesme que j'avais adorée dans "Angèle et Tony"...

8/10jpflip88@ - 1537 reviews
19.1.2014 - age: 50+

14.3.2014 ·

Ann Kennedy

[ATTENTION: This review reveals content of the movie.]
To me not bad, however not a movie I would recommend. Where was the father that was suppose to meet the little girl. I realize they landed in Iceland... but!!!

6/10annkinlv@ - first review
1.3.2014 - age: 50+

12.3.2014 ·

Nicolas Bichara

There is something offset in this movie and I'm not talking about the FX: the acting is fair, the shooting is acceptable, but it's not as good as I was expecting according to the critics. Hans Zimmer is a great soundtrack composer and although he's doing a respectable job in this movie, I feel the film doesn't keep up with the music's image of grandeur. The only good point is that it's a compressed copy of the 6 hour-movie Jesus of Nazareth (1977) Bad point is: has it really brought anything more to the cinema? Maybe it's worth seeing it a second time, but there's nothing in this movie that gives me enough strength watch it again. Nevertheless, if you're a believer, I guess it's worth seeing it because every major scenes of the bible are shown.

6/10nicobic@ - 21 reviews
4.3.2014 - age: 36-49

11.3.2014 ·

Tara Bell

An awesome movie, in every sense, visually captivating, the musical score so memorable, well acted, and scenically breathtaking... a 9 instead of a 10, only because 'the Book is better'... a must see, because Jesus, His message... sooo loving and tender and yet powerful... timeless, and so needed today for this hurting world, and even for those who seemingly have it all... We all need this unconditional Love.

9/10taradeirdrebell@ - 41 reviews
8.3.2014 - age: 50+

8.3.2014 ·

Joseph Bardaji

Incredible acting. Very few amazing scenes. Not enough emotion. Extremely stretched.

6/10joehuet@ - first review
17.1.2014 - age: 13-17

7.3.2014 ·

Angelo Grasso

I enjoyed this movie. It had a bit of love, danger, sadness, and some fantasy. An entertaining movie. Wasn't a deep movie, just a movie to relax and enjoy.

7/10angegrasso@ - first review
4.3.2014 - age: 50+

5.3.2014 ·

Stephanie Nussbaum

I thought that it was an amazing movie! From watching the trailer, it sounded cute, and I little like an add for LEGO, but I was amazed when I saw it. They did a great job, leaving us in suspense, and the ending was so cute!

9/10stephy@ - first review
27.2.2014 - age: 18-25

4.3.2014 ·

Jean-Francois Lavallee

My 5 year old son didn't like it at all and my 10 year old daughter not that much. Neither did I. Scenes are all over the place and the story/substance is... meh. My son lost his 3-D glasses during the movie (of course lol) and I lend him mine: each red and blue lines on the screen, despite me trying to lego, reminded me of him! :)

4/10johnfrank35@ - first review
2.3.2014 - age: 36-49

28.2.2014 ·

Michelle Romero

This movie is wonderful for all ages. Enjoyed it with both my girls. 18 years old and 5 years old and we all loved it. Singing along was great.

10/10romerofamily30658@ - first review
28.2.2014 - age: 36-49

26.2.2014 ·

Lise Charbonneau

Hope Leo gets an Oscar for this one... Very well done and absolutely crazy.

10/10kennah@ - first review
22.2.2014 - age: 50+

21.2.2014 ·

Victor Gaitan

Different from the original with some similarities to the first Robocop but definitely worth seeing.

7/10djvic67@ - first review
13.2.2014 - age: 36-49

19.2.2014 ·

Brandy Irish

Pretty average stuff. Somehow, great acting and a great story just felt long and draggy. Watch this movie... when it hits cable.

6/10brandy_irish@ - 146 reviews
12.2.2014 - age: 36-49

18.2.2014 ·

Amanda Lepore Bernhard

I'm really surprised that this movie is getting so many negative reviews. I went to the premiere with my parents and best friend and we all enjoyed it. Yes, there are things that are not realistic but I think it's important to remember that it's a fantasy drama. In order to enjoy the movie, you have to pay attention to what it's really about. The Winter's Tale is not just about a love story, it's about miracles, purpose and destiny. Colin Farrell was exceptional.

9/10so-sweet13@ - 50 reviews
16.2.2014 - age: 13-17

15.2.2014 ·

Elizabeth Bernath

Science fiction mingled with the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

7/10violbiol@ - 234 reviews
5.2.2014 - age: 26-35

14.2.2014 ·

Bette Battle

I've seen this movie several times over the years and sci-fi horror is not exactly accurate as it has a lot of comedy mixed in. It's about two valley girl sisters who survive an apocalyptic event. I've always enjoyed it very much.

7/10bettebbattle@ - first review
4.2.2014 - age: 50+

11.2.2014 ·

Cuong Tran

Les deux personnages principaux n'ont rien d'allure de détectives privés; on aurait plutôt dit des citoyens amateurs en quête de suspense dans leur vie plate de la banlieue de Boston. Pour revenir au film, malgré quelques longueurs et quelques incohérences, le dénouement dont il prend est assez intéressant avec une fin qui nous laisse pas mal perplexe. Je ne suis pas certain du choix de Casey Affleck, mais bon, vu qu'il est le jeune frère du directeur, on peut comprendre le choix.

7/10cuong16@ - 215 reviews
12.2.2014 - age: 26-35

8.2.2014 ·

Jeremy Duarte

I can see men seeing the trailer and expecting it to be a "bro" comedy but it leans more into"chick flick". Girls would enjoy it more, it has unfunny jokes, a storyline we've seen a thousand times before making it predictable. I saw it for free and didn't mind it, it definitely wasn't anything special. The acting was poor and the plot was poor if not non-existent. Men, stay away, ladies you may enjoy it.

4/10jer_duarte@ - 109 reviews
7.2.2014 - age: 18-25

5.2.2014 ·

Helene Lee

I totally disagree with the positive reviews of this film. While Judi Dench is awesome in her role as a guilt ridden mother, the story does not play out with the surprises and the warm heartedness that you would expect from a movie like this. The story is a good one; it just didn t come across the way it could have. The promotion has been heavy, but I was disappointed.

6/10admi@ - 6 reviews
30.11.2013 - age: 36-49

4.2.2014 ·

Nico Bignami

Because Bérénice Bejo is my idol ( the most beautiful, talented, sexy woman of the present cinema ) I ran to watch the movie on the first day. I was not disappointed. In addition I must to say she acted perfectly- all the other actors were great as well. The story is sad but realistic. It's the drama of many children tossed from a mother or a father to another, when the parents following their instinct run after a new lover. The last part of the story ( one third of all time ) falls into exaggerated aspects, almost non credible, trying to add some thrill to a drama already enough complicated. It's a pity. A good editing should have cut all that inappropriate part.

8/10chekhov123@ - 41 reviews
2.2.2014 - age: 50+

1.2.2014 ·

Kevin White

The scariest movie of 2013. Actually, the scariest movie from the past ten years. The acting was great from everybody, but Lili Taylor gave a very strong performance. She blew me away. The screenplay was really well written and the story was really well built. The scares were effective and were more than only a loud noise creating a reaction, not a scare. Some scary effects are really clever and not easy to forget. I still remember some of the scenes at night, even if I saw the movie back in July. A really effective horror movie.

10/10kevinw@ - 388 reviews
6.1.2014 - age: 13-17

31.1.2014 ·

Christina Jones

Conscience raising and hard to watch, but necessary to understand the divide on racial issues. An understanding of history comes before acceptance and this is unvarnished truth with all the ugliness of that period in our country's life. Well acted and well directed. Should be shown in all high schools during Black History Month.

9/10chj29er@ - first review
23.1.2014 - age: 50+

29.1.2014 ·

Monica Nguyen

A must see movie for every dogs lovers. It's so touching.

9/10monicafia@ - 235 reviews
23.12.2013 - age: 26-35

28.1.2014 ·

Chris Denarde

It started out as an interesting idea, but nothing really happened - so it got a little boring. I think I enjoyed the scenery in the background the best. I could've taken a nap and not really missed anything.

6/10cden@ - first review
19.1.2014 - age: 50+

25.1.2014 ·

A. Stewart

The future is orange and white and creepy. It is refreshing to have a movie about the future without guns, and big brother, and bad guys. I thought if they left 15 minutes of this on the cutting room floor it would have been much better. Some parts made me laugh out loud and other parts made my skin crawl. Made my skin crawl mostly because I know the future is probably going to be like this.

6/10parttimepainter@ - 124 reviews
20.1.2014 - age: 36-49

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