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27.7.2016 ·

Name T.B.A.

Could have been much better, but the storyline is slow and poorly written, the romantic part was also quite bad, Waltz and Jackson's presences are always delightful though.

5/10meddleroidz@ - 263 reviews
26.7.2016 - age: 26-35

26.7.2016 ·

Scott Phillips

I am a huge Star Trek fan. I have been disappointed by the new movies... they were ok movies but not true Star Trek. The new movie, BEYOND... it blew me away. The true Star Trek has returned. AWESOME!

10/10magnateataxia@ - 217 reviews
21.7.2016 - age: 36-49

23.7.2016 ·

Claude Larocque

Nothing that we have not seen before. Some good jokes and funny moments. Chewing gum for the brain. If you're in that type of humour, bedroom jokes, you'll enjoy yourself.

6/10elaroc2478@ - 252 reviews
19.7.2016 - age: 50+

16.7.2016 ·

Alex West

It feels like the first one only this time it's not nearly as funny. The fact that women star in movies is a non issue for me. That part was fine, I wish it was more original. I'm sure some of you will like this film, it has some really good moments. Why does every monster have to wreck a city and have everyone running and screaming in every movie? In the end, I wish the writers took some more chances.

5/10gaw@ - 132 reviews
15.7.2016 - age: 36-49

12.7.2016 ·

Angus Stewart

I saw this movie because Rex Reed gave it 3/4 stars. Really? It was predictable and boring and I was never on the edge of my seat once. I think they should have took a different track... maybe show him growing up from a baby until adulthood and his adventures in the jungle.

5/10parttimepainter@ - 219 reviews
9.7.2016 - age: 36-49

9.7.2016 ·

Francois Le Page

A little too long. Great scenes of action, especially at the end. Too many characters bring some confusion. Great computer artwork. It looks like there will be many other sequels.

7/10amanofhearts@ - 6 reviews
9.7.2016 - age: 50+

6.7.2016 ·

Darrel Marchick

Rehashed story line full of horrible scientific conjectures. Shoddy writing and the same old outcome as the 1st. Although in fairness there were a few moments here and there that were full of tension. And some pretty good plot twists just to not make it seem so formulaic. Not sure I like how they ended it... over all a poor film with a few familiar faces, although I think they should have give Jeff and Judd more opportunity to throw out more snappy dialogue. They seemed a bit tired in that department.

5/10dwm21057@ - 22 reviews
2.7.2016 - age: 50+

2.7.2016 ·

Maurice Rouillard

It's really a gem of a movie. Great story, wonderful acting. Not a big budget or loud crappy movies like we are getting those days but a touching human regard on a sensitive subject. How come this one slip under the radar is a mystery. A must see for anyone we enjoy great performance and the human compassion. It's in my top 10 movies list. 

10/10mrouilla51@ - 7 reviews
2.7.2016 - age: 50+

1.7.2016 ·

Name T.B.A.

A very funny movie, with great actors. Tobias Moretti is excellent! Fortunately there's going to be subtitles... there are so many puns that it's sometimes difficult to follow when you don't practise the language (I'm French)! Enjoy yourselves!

8/10monique.lagouche@ - first review
25.6.2016 - age: 50+

29.6.2016 ·

Eduard Tatmoshenkov

I adore CGI movies especially sci fi ones. Yes, it wasn't as good as the first one but I enjoyed it and looking forward to a sequel if it ever happens because based on clues given in this movie the plot for ID3 supposed to be amazing. I hope they get someone else to direct it.

10/10dexteriot@ - 44 reviews
24.6.2016 - age: 26-35

25.6.2016 ·

Jerry Destounis

This is definitely an entertaining blockbuster. Good to see the background and history of Apocalypse, one of the most notable villains of the X-Men. The special effects are first rate and appropriately complement the storyline. While I don’t agree with many representations made in the film, this is a movie worth checking out. Glad to see another X-Men production being a success on the big screen.

8/10bluestar10129@ - 134 reviews
23.6.2016 - age: 36-49

22.6.2016 ·

Alex Lee

Absolutely loved it! I could not stop laughing. My opinion is somewhat biased as I love Kevin Hart and The Rock but it really is awesome. But had it been bad I would've said so. The action and story were great too kept you guessing til the end, so funny. Will see it again for sure!!!

10/10al_luk@ - 120 reviews
18.6.2016 - age: 36-49

21.6.2016 ·

Robert Koszycki

This is a movie based on a video game. I'm not familiar with the game but I'm pretty sure that the game might have been loosely based on Lord of the Rings because the movie certainly feels like it's been set within the realm of middle earth. Visually, the movie is very stunning and the special effects are top notch. The movie has its flaws but it's not the fiasco that critics have made it out to be. Certainly worth seeing on the big screen.

6/10robertanatol@ - 95 reviews
15.6.2016 - age: 50+

15.6.2016 ·

Cheryl Guerra

This movie will also be a classic as the first. I must admit I went in skeptical not expecting the movie to be anywhere as good as the first. It just may be. And I loved the first. Very creepy. Acting was very believable. And the fact it is from a true story only makes it more creepy.

9/10cheryl.g@ - 19 reviews
14.6.2016 - age: 36-49

14.6.2016 ·

Dang Bubendorff

I don't know what's up with all those bad reviews... I totally enjoyed that movie. Good story, great images, cool fight scenes, crazy ass FX, what more do u want? Maybe there were too many characters, so people who know the world of Warcraft might enjoy it more, but still... I was hooked every minute of that movie (I never played WoW, but I did play Warcraft 1-2-3).. I really hope they will make a sequel!!!

8/10dansky80@ - 20 reviews
13.6.2016 - age: 26-35

8.6.2016 ·

Sandra Cryderman

I'm a big fan of TMNT so this movie did not disappoint, few laughs and great action with the moral being working as a team and unified in brotherhood, great for adults as well as kids, you won't be bored.

9/10lonewolf6929@ - 56 reviews
6.6.2016 - age: 36-49

7.6.2016 ·

Darrell Simpson

I saw the trailer and said to myself that this movie might be an interesting topic. I was not disappointed. Not familiar with the subject matter, I find these mathematic geniuses amazing. Just something that has always intrigued me. Time just flew by in a movie almost 2 hrs long.

8/10drs@ - 331 reviews
4.6.2016 - age: 50+

3.6.2016 ·

Carol Teufel

This movie held my attention throughout. While gory at times, one understood the situation. Wonderful production.

9/10carol1941@ - 2 reviews
22.5.2016 - age: 50+

1.6.2016 ·

Wesley Derequito

The super hero appeal of Spiderman, the random crude humour of Family Guy and the quirkiness of Ferris Bueler, and the amazing action/violence if a Japanese anime! What more could you ask for in a film about the most original comicbook character of all time! Only critique I would say is it felt a bit short. I wanted more!

9/10wesdereq@ - 86 reviews
29.5.2016 - age: 26-35

31.5.2016 ·


On Feb. 18, 1952, a massive storm splits the SS Pendleton in two, trapping more than 30 sailors inside the tanker's sinking stern. Engineer Ray Sybert bravely takes charge to organize a strategy for his fellow survivors. As word of the disaster reaches the Coast Guard in Chatham. Beautifully done with such overwhelming circumstances that makes your heart and mind wonder. This dramatic thriller was indeed a true little miracle.

8/10shazjoao@ - 2459 reviews
28.5.2016 - age: 36-49